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USA – How to get around in the cities – some apps

To get around easily in the cities, I’ve found out there are multiple ways all using apps. You’ll need an internet connection, which is always a good idea for a long roadtrip.

  • Transit
    • An app showing you all GPS locations of the busses, all the stopnames and durations. You can easily plan your trip with all connections based on your current location and several suggestions. It gives you several options to for example avoid using a subway.
  • Uber
    • Uber is HUGE here in the USA. For the ones that don’t know it: it’s an alternative taxi service that uses an app to connect you to nearby drivers. It’s much cheaper too.
    • For the first subscription (you’ll need a phonenumber) you can use discount codes. For example TRANSITAPP, which gives you a 30 USD discount
    • You can choose to share a ride, by which the cost can be halved
    • I’ve heard things that in the cars you are offered candy and water.
  • Lift
    • An alternative for Uber (don’t know much details, but it’s also used a lot)
  • Google maps
    • Everyone suggests it since here all public transport is covered for the big cities. It also lets you plan ahead (with potential traffic based on historical data)

On top of that, I’ve purchased a T-mobile prepaid plan for one month ‘GoSmart’. It costed me 65 USD (20 USD activation cost, be aware of this + 40 USD for the package + 5 USD tax). The plan includes 5GB data on 3G network & unlimited national calls and text messages. Networks and plans here are a lot more interesting as in Belgium since there is a lot of competition. If you don’t do a top-up in 6 months, your number is deactivated.

On many products, the tax is never mentioned and needs to be paid on top.


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