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Bryce Canyon – A Sunset trip

On the way to Bryce, you can find some very scenic red rocks, I think it’s called the Red Rock canyon. There is an opportunity to do a small hike to a ‘photo tour’, it only takes you 15 min to go up and you will be surrounded by red peaks. Especially in the late afternoon they have a very nice red glow. On this road, you will also cross 2 beautiful arcs.

Driving further (about 20min I guess), you will enter Bryce canyon national park. It was almost sunset when we arrived at the Visitors Center (hence we did not pay for any permit since it was closed) that is still a short drive to the rim. The most known viewpoints are called ‘sunset’ and ‘sunrise’, about 0.5 mile in between them.
From both these viewpoints, you can enter the canyon. A full loop is about 2.5 miles. After taking some pictures from the Sunset viewpoint, I walked all the way down to Queens Garden where you walk in between the hoodoos. It was already after sunset, but as always I keep a small survival package on me such as a light :). The canyon is not just rocks and sand, you will also find beautiful trees and wildlife such as deers. In Bryce Canyon, it’s a lot colder as in Zion.

Some pictures can be found below.


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