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Las Vegas aka Sin City – Nightlife – almost for free

Nightlife & tricks how to go out almost for free
When it comes to nightlife, the many clubs can keep you busy for at least a week or two. These clubs area really crazy: pool parties, waterfalls, amazing views, etc.

The dress code is not extremely strict, but people like to dress up and impress. When you impulsively decide to get into a queue, get your money ready: a guy will have to pay 35 USD or more, and a girl around 25 USD. However, I found it very easy to actually put my name on a guest list: when going out, make sure you have an even ratio boys-girls and get some phone numbers of what they call ‘promotors’. These guys actually get paid (around 5 USD a person) to get you into the clubs, and put your name on the guest list of your choice, even for the most famous clubs such as Marquee (Cosmopolitan), Hakkasan (MGM), Omnia (Caesars), Thrist (Wind), Draids, XS (Wind). I found these phone numbers after putting a picture on Instagram with the tag #vegas, as many promotors (or a bot) will like your picture. When on the guest list, girls can get up to 3 free drinks (depending if a boy joins them). Drinks are easily 16 USD and more. For this reason, an idea to ‘get into the mood’ before going out is to play in the casino’s: as long as you keep playing, they give you free drinks. The trick is to play on 1 USD machines for a long time (e.g. play 1 line on the ‘line’ machines), and give 2 USD tips to your waitress, asking her to directly get you another round (we even managed to get 2 drinks at the same time).
Inside the clubs, you will find many people taking a reserved table. These tables start at 500 USD and go easily to 2000 USD. With that, you’ll get one or more bottles and personal security. These security guys even walk you to the bathroom and back. In the bathrooms, you’ll find people opening the tab for you, and drying your hands. In XS and others, you will also find a selection of 20+ perfumes and such. Parties here are wild, and even if pools are closed, the later it gets the more people you will find inside 🙂


High waterfall behind the DJ booth in the Trystl


Alternative transportation


In XS, they have a pool…


What perfume do you prefer?


Can I help to dry your hands? At your service!



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